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8-Character Calls

A what?

Aside from regular name calls and lyric calls, there are also situations where fans insert the member's catchphrase in front of the call. You've probably heard "Egao ga ichiban, Reni-chan!" before! This is what Japanese Mononofu call an 8-character call (8文字コール), because there's just enough room for 8 syllables in the call. E-ga-o ga i-chi-ba-n is technically 8!

Below are the different 8-character calls for each member, translations, the situations they are used in, and the recent trends. Some are more appropriate than others in certain songs, so I've listed them first on the respective song page. These calls are also generally less well-known (and less widely-used) than the primary calls, so try and feel out the crowd.

It's all unofficial, so there's quite a bit of variation among the audience in terms of popularity levels. Reni's, Shiori's, and Momoka's calls are mainly steady, while Kanako and Ahrin have quite a few. Just pick whichever one you like - the core concept of a Momoclo concert is to have fun!

Momota Kanako

Tamai Shiori

Sasaki Ayaka

Ariyasu Momoka

Takagi Reni